If you’ve been following me long enough, you’ve probably noticed that I deleted most of my posts. Well, all of my previous posts actually. I decided to start over and I prolly can’t keep up being a full-time blogger, so for now i’ll be blogging part-time but no worries, i’ll post often.

First of all, Happy New Year, loves! These first few weeks are all about listing new resolutions, buying planners to start the year and what not. Have you jot down your goals already? Let me know, cause I certainly haven’t.

I have not a single clue where i’m going with this, to be completely honest. I suppose i’ll be posting about fashion, product reviews, food and enthralling places I’ve been to (as my tagline suggests).

Other than the fact that i’ve been inspired by various “pretty” blogs, I’ve always had a thing for writing and I guess that’s what brought me back to blogging. I know, weird.. If I recall correctly, everyone hated doing essays during middle/high school, but I don’t. In fact, I was always pumped when we had to do essays during exams. Oh, I miss school days. Still a month to go before I go back to school and complete my final year.

I still need to design and do a tad bit of tweaking here and there but soon enough, i’ll have my own domain. I’ll let you guys know when it’s official.

My first outfit post will be tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Have a good day, though we all know we won’t cause.. no sane person love Mondays.




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