Outfit 1-3

Do you smell the lovely essence of spring in the air? No? Well, you’re probably not in the Philippines right now, cause here, it’s Spring! (The exclamation mark’s declaring my excitement for what comes after spring..)

I am not a huge fan of colours, honestly. Eighty-percent of my clothes are neutrals; black, white, grey.. basically, the monochromes. Spring calls for pastel and bright colours and as it so happens, I received various coloured (as to my dismay) clothing as gifts; hence, this outfit.

Pardon my very un-ladylike poses, as you may have already concluded, i’m not very used to being in pictures.. usually, i’m the one behind the camera.

Outfit 1-4

Pairing light-coloured items with brown accessories or/and shoes, has always been my style. Partly that bohemian side of me, and the other half not wanting to go out looking like a rainbow; ergo, my wedge boots (also a gift from one of my generous aunts)..

I paired my peach skirt with a cream-coloured blouse and normally, I would’ve worn it just like that, but I reckoned it seemed too formal so I wore this blue polo to loosen it up a bit.

Outfit 1-1

Wanting to keep it casual, I didn’t go overboard with the jewellery and yes, I do have a thing for owls.

Blouse: H&M

Polo shirt: Zara

Skirt: Forever 21

Belt: Bershka

Owl ring: Accessorize

Owl necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21




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