Casually Classy


This outfit was inspired by no other than.. mother dearest. Yes, mum.

I’ve always loved my mum’s style; loose chiffon blouses, skinny jeans and high heels (You can see where I got my fashionista genes from..) and it seemed so casual, yet elegant. Therefore, I borrowed one of her old blouses and tried to “re-new” it.


The pony-tail emphasised the elegance, but I may have failed to pull it off (my hair just hasn’t dried off completely). The wayfarer shades (other than to hide the designer bags under my eyes) added a touch of casualness (I guess..) to the outfit.

The whole point was to look simple, yet sophisticated.. So instead of going with a choker or long necklaces, I just finished off the look with a gold trapezium chain around my neck.

The look’s pretty much self-explanatory, so I’m not gonna blab any longer. Did I pull it off? I leave it to you to judge 😉





Sunglasses: Rayban

Necklace: Forever 21 (Malaysia)

Watch: Casio (Qatar)

Jeans: Pull & Bear (Qatar)

Shoes: H&M (Qatar)




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