Orange, yay or nay?

I’m well aware of the whole cool/warm toned thing and I never really figured out what I am. (Warm-toned skins look better in earthly colours / Cool-toned look better in bright and neons) The trick, or so they say, to finding out is to check your wrists. If more green veins are visible than blue, you’re warm-toned. If it’s the other way around, cool-toned. I have purple veins, which signifies i’m neutral-toned, but some days there’s more green than purple. They say the colour Orange looks best on cool-toned.. but I feel like orange kinda looks flattering on me too despite being warm-toned. Yeah, I haven’t figured that out too. Okay, i’ll drop that topic for now. (Completely un-related, but I’ve had a knack for orange juice these past few weeks. The powdered unhealthy kind.. #sorrynotsorry)

Outfit 3-5

Colours, colours, colours. Colourful clothes, as i’ve mentioned before, aren’t really my thing, but I successfully resisted not wearing an all-black outfit today. The top i’m wearing is (obviously) an orange sleeveless blouse thingy that you get to tie..somewhere, something.. Yeap, i’m very good at describing things, huh? I know, I know. (: I love the way it kinda hugs my body, and the colour! The colour for the hundreth time.. It’s not too orange, not too red. I don’t know! It just seems to entice me, and again, not a huge fan of bright colours. I’ve said that before, i’m sorry! I just have this habit of word-redundancy, if you may call it.

I would’ve went with shorts going to the beach, but I thought maybe the skirt would add a touch of flair. (If that even makes sense) Actually, this whole post is making no sense. I don’t know, my mind’s having some sort of mental-block.. it happens sometimes and normally, i’d wait a day or two and my verbal skills would come crashing back in, but I really wanted to update today.. I’ve been delaying for far too long. Don’t you agree? Haha..

Anyways.. i’ll just add the pictures down below, and i’ll try my best to add a caption.. I apologise in advance if it’s not that interesting, my shortage for words right now is restraining me from successfully publishing this post.


Outfit 3-3

I felt that the outfit would’ve look better during the summer.. hence why I added the striped & floraly (?) polo. I’ve seen some inspirations online from fashion gurus wearing kimonos as a top layer. I don’t have a kimono, currently.. nor do I know where to buy one without having to swim through the pacific ocean. Fortunately, I found a very loose and soft (god, it’s so soft, it doubles as a blanket!) blouse that kinda resembles the “kimono-look”.. See where i’m getting at? (Sigh.. blame the mental block.) Plus i’ve learned over the years not to pair a plain top with a plain bottom.. so that “kimono” kinda adds the patterned detail to complete this look.


Outfit 3-4


Fun fact, i’m not a fan of going overboard with accessories.. but with all the stripe and bright colours going on, I kinda wanted to add a gold accent and this triple-layered tri-colour necklace just sits perfectly on top of the plain blouse. I’ve been asked many times where I purchased this centipede ring/bracelet chain.. thing is, it was a gift and I really have no clue.


Outfit 3-6-2Outfit 3-6-1


That’s it for today. Gonna update real soon. Have a good weekend, loves!

Shirt: F21

“Kimono”: Stradivarious

Skirt: H&M

Wedge Heels: Primadonna

Necklace: F21




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