Outift 2-3

Good Morning, Lovelies! It’s already the second month of 2015, whoa.. We may say this every year, but I do think time flies faster this 2015. I apologise for the lack of photos, I was in some sort of rush the day it was taken. Also, I had to crop of my face cause I wasn’t, and never was, photogenic; aside from the fact that i’m not used to being in front of the camera (instead of being behind) as i’ve stated in my previous update. Lately, i’ve been feeling that my camera’s not really photoshoot-standard (?).. But I can’t help it, I’ve no other DSLR than my good ol’ EOS 1100D. I’m trying to get my hands on the 70D though, i’ve heard many great stuff about it. What do you guys think? (Comment below if you have any suggestions..)

Outift 2-1

Normally, I would’ve paired this blouse with a plain skater skirt as the blouse already seemed to add the pattern-effect with it’s ruffled collar and cuffs, but I don’t have a plain white skirt sadly. Seeing as the blouse wasn’t too heavily patterned, I thought maybe some dots would make it seem a bit more striking but not enough, as I felt the need to add a touch of gold (as always).. Hence, the infinity body chain which isn’t uncomfortable. The thin chains make it lighter and seem like you’re not wearing an accessory. (Though I had to pin up the back chain as it was too long! Poor short me).. A lot have suggested that rose-gold jewellery would look really charming on me, but I feel that it’s too “mainstream” and plain gold seem to flatter me more as i’m kinda warm-toned. Again, this outfit was truly hard for me to pull off as it’s brightly coloured and it kinda drifts away from my style which is more comfortably edgy; I felt that this look made me look younger and preppy. *hides face*

Outfit 2-5

Tell me guys what you think below! 😉 I’m very sorry for the blur in the photo here and there, I had to edit it since my camera’s tilt-shift isn’t so impressive.

Also, i’m gonna be posting my January Products Review real soon, so stay tuned for that. There won’t be a lot of products as firstly, i’m not a beauty guru and i’m not that into cosmetics. I do wear light make-up sometimes when going to special events or photo-shoots so i’m gonna include what i’ve liked so far and what not. Secondly, i’m still in Zamboanga City and there’s not much you can get your hands on here. February’s favourites are gonna be better, trust me.

That’s all for today, loves. Have a good day!

.x N

Blouse: (It was a gift from Qatar, so i’m not sure! Sorry!)

Skirt: H&M, Malaysia

Body Chain: Poshmark Boutique, Philippines


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