Nezza Raffi

Bio: Hey there. How do I start this? My name's Nezza Raffi-Ain, or Nezz, if you wanna be friends. Born on the 26th of November (Sagittarius), I have a feisty attitude and occasionally diabolical. I'm only narcissistic on days that end in 'y', so don't worry. I've been travelling around Asia ever since I was 3 years old, and I plan to keep the travel-enthusiast of me alive til i'm unable to do so. I'm the all-rounder type of person, I guess you could say Jack of All Trades. I play sports, mainly Tennis and Netball. Also a musician, 7 instruments and counting. Other interests include rock music, cars, writing, photography and obsessing over fiction. I'm the type of girl who breaks rules (and a troublemaker of sorts), but hard to blame cause I get pretty good grades. I'm not that sadistic, I assure you. I'm actually very nice, to people I fancy. You may assume that i'm always on the verge of desiring to punch someone due to my so-called "death-glares", but not always. My mean look is natural, not by any means am I angry. *flips hair* I leave it up to you to conclude exactly what "type" of girl I am, and whether you find it intriguing. I'm definitely not "mysterious" though, no matter how "cool" that sounds. I talk a lot, so yeah. Just get to know me more, you'll understand better. Tweet me or send me a message, i'm not an introvert. More of an ambivert. Don't be scared, I don't bite, at least not yet. (:

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